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Large Excellent Quality Brazilian and Argentinian Cow Hide Rugs (Various Colors)

Large Excellent Quality Brazilian and Argentinian Cow Hide Rugs (Various Colors)

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Approximate Dimensions: 5x6’ or 6x7’ 

Please Note: See Photo on How to Measure for an understanding of the dimensions and how to measure your space.  Also, the photos are not exact in color and shape due to the nature of the product but the photos are very close in shape and color contrast. 

Condition: Quality is king when it comes to buying cow hide rugs.  These gorgeous cow hide rugs are vary large and of the highest possible quality. Cow hide rugs are an ideal option for lots of areas of the home.  For example they are an ideal option for dining areas, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.  This is because of the durability, the pile height and the shape.  

Dining Room or Kitchen Table Area: When it comes to dining areas a large cow hide is an ideal choice because they are very thin so dining chairs will not “fall off” if one of the legs is partially on or off the rug. Also, when it comes to size dining area rugs need to be a very specific size in proportion to the shape of the table or the room, which can get very expensive and complicated to find the exact measurements.  With a cow hide rug the size doesn’t have to be exact or dictated by the room or the table shape because the rug can be rotated in so many directions or it can be cut down very simply with a pair of decent scissors. Not to mention they look fantastic underneath any shape table and really make a room look well curated. Another plus for cow hide rugs in kitchen and dining room areas is they DO NOT STAIN FROM FOOD or WINE… I mean at all (there are some exceptions like ink or dye) but they are a natural organic material just like human skin or hair you can wipe almost any spill off with a baby wipe and they will instantly come perfectly clean. 

Area Rugs for the Bedroom: Now when it comes to the bedroom selecting a rug is always a pain in the butt due to size, shape, cost, shedding and cleaning. Technically you are supposed to have an area rug that extend at least 18 inches to 24- inches from the sides and the foot of a queen or king-size bed and you have to make sure they clear/don’t block the footprint of any swinging doors or other furniture in the room. That means for a queen-size bed you need at least an 8x10’ rug which are big, heavy, expensive, and even harder to install and keep clean. With cow hides they are super cost effective and easy to install because they are thin and light and you can use just about any size and the layout options are endless.  For example, you can do one or even two overlapping hides on either bottom corners of the bed and they fit underneath other furniture in room with ease.  Not to mention they give any room an amazing architectural look and can help to absorb asymmetrical or awkward bedroom configurations. And you can very easily cut the hides down to customize the size and shape or to avoid any doors or furniture  that it might block or be overlapping.

Now for the last, but equally important consideration in favor of cow hide rugs in the bedroom, shedding. When it comes to selecting a rug for the bedroom you have to make sure the rug or floor coverings are made from of a material that doesn’t shed.  (For Example: Jute and Sisals, although cost efficient options for the size, they are a bad idea in the bedroom and for people who suffer from allergies. This is because they shed these very coarse itchy fibers and dust that will stick to your feet and be tracked and trapped under your covers when you sleep.  If you don’t like crumbs in the bed you are especially going to hate itchy fibers in the bed).  It’s important to know that with cowhide rugs the higher the quality of the hide the less likely they are to shed, you might have a little tiny bit of shedding with a high quality hide but compared to a poor quality hide (like the ones they sell at IKEA) if you avoid over vacuuming and only use a broom to sweep-clean it the likelihood of shedding overtime will be much less. 

Living Room Area Rugs: Another great application for cow hide rugs are in small, cluttered and/or unique sized living room situations. This is due to the organic shape and the overall balance an asymmetrical shape can do for a room full of linear shaped items.  Honestly there are not a lot of functionality based considerations you need to consider when selecting a living room area rug, it’s mainly just about the size and the overall look you are trying to create.  Cow hide rugs are great in situations where you need help to break up a large room that has multiple functions all in one room.  (For example if you have both living and dining areas all in one big room two large rectangular rugs can sometime look awkward next to each other but an organic shaped rug next to linear shaped rug can help to break up the two spaces and create a more seamless transition and an overall better designed aesthetic).

If you have any questions or need advice on what will work in your space for floor coverings feel free to reach out to us on the Chat box and send photos of you space and our in house designers will assist you with you decision making process. 


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